Decontracting: 30' (back, neck and arms).

Hard massage relaxes the muscles, we dissolve contractures that are produced by stress, bad postures, lack of rest or sedentary lifestyle. Activates circulation, relaxes, relieves pain, helps release emotions. Nourishes the skin.


Relax: 30' (legs, back, neck, arms) and 60' (integral).

Gentle massage that helps well-being by increasing the production of endorphins. Reduces or eliminates muscle tension, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, relieves stress and anxiety. Facilitates sleep.



Gentle massage helps improve circulation in the areas of the head and face, scalp, and shoulders, as well as the cervical area. Reduces cranial tension, decongests facial muscles, and frees the neck. It has a lifting effect on the face, improving the appearance of facial skin. Very relaxing.


Reflexology:30' (feet and a point on the hands).

Chinese massage. Very hard. Through the strong pressure on certain points of the feet, we stimulate different body organs.


Massage with hot stones:60'.

Soft therapeutic massage, we apply the stones at different points of the spine, hands, and feet. Energy points called "Chakras". We stimulate them to facilitate the flow of vital energy and alleviate physical and emotional disorders. Eliminate bad energy, help us with stress, anxiety, or insomnia problems.


Ayurvedic: 60' (integral).

Indian therapeutic massage that regulates physical, mental, and emotional imbalances. We work from head to toe using warm oil treated with three essential oils; Through the movements, the balance between the "3 Doshas" or bodily characters (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) is promoted. Emphasizes the work of the joints and the head. Tones up the nervous system, improves sleep, blood circulation; It provides us with energy balance, emotional release, harmonizes body, mind, and spirit.




Hygiene and facial hydration:60'.

We use Natural products; We perform deep hydration. Extraction is not performed. We managed to eliminate dead cells, minimizing the pore, thus leaving a brighter and more hydrated skin.


Post Hammam body scrub: 60'.

Friction massage. It helps us prolong the tan. We eliminate toxins, leaving skin clean and glowing. Increases softness, especially on elbows, knees, heels... Stimulates blood flow and collagen production, regenerates the skin.






Private yoga sessions are an excellent option to personalize your practice and work on your specific goals more effectively. In these classes, the instructor guides you through a customized practice tailored to your needs, abilities, and limitations. Moreover, by receiving individualized attention, you can perfect your technique and deepen your postures. Make the most of your yoga practice and take your physical and mental well-being to the next level with private classes designed just for you.


Open from 8:00 until 20:00

The cost is 3€ per person per day